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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well the last Wednesday in May rolled around quickly didn't it?
We had another amazing "Sock Walk" last night. Here's Line leading Louie (or is Louie leading Line ?) along with some more of the sock walker crew following behind.
Despite the threat of rain earlier on in the day it was a perfect night. We were indeed accompanied by our mohair bearing mascot, Louie, who was a perfect gentleman throughout. What a proud mom I was!
Along the way we saw our newly fledged raven babies with mom on close watch, moose tracks, deer tracks, raccoon tracks, some coyote er, remnants and a porcupine! ..... and a great walk was had by all.
P.S. Line, tell your daughter I want those pink boots!
Upon returning to the shop we were joined by more of the Sock walker contingency including Dorine who has just returned from an out-of -this -world knitting tour through England and France. To top off a perfect sock knitting evening we were thoroughly entertained by a slide presentation journaling her amazing trip hosted by knitting tour operator Joyce James.
Wow, I had a good sleep last night!
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Sunday, May 20, 2007


I decided to over dye a few cones of commercial yarn who's original colour was less than attractive. Even wearing a heavy duty dye mask this is not chalking up to be a pleasant experience. The best way to describe the smell of this pot is that of chicken s#*t. Ask me how I know. I once worked in a poultry research lab, video taping laying hens playing with dangling cat toys, but that's another story. It's ALL coming back to me today!
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Here's one for all of you spinners out there. Most people don't really "get it", right? Ahh..... but the true fibre aficionado can appreciate the body, the essence, the life within a handspun yarn. I decided that my handspun skeins in the shop were becoming overwhelmed by their industrial counterparts - that is commercial yarn. Fresh new labels and a place of prominence have refreshed the scenery and once again I am home!

I've been spinning on my Schacht in the studio, working mostly on heavy, textured, one-ply using a lumbering 4:1 ratio, or the angora/wool blend pictured below. At home, in the evenings, my heart belongs to the tiny Louet Victoria who is delicately churning out ultra fine silk blends. Such a great little wheel!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Arnold's Birthday daffodils are putting on a better show than ever this year. Seven years ago, I planted 400 bulbs (true love) along the woods across from our pond. They were scheduled to bloom as a birthday surprise for my husband who was born in late May. Here they are today bidding Arn an early happy birthday, spreading themselves along a wooded path which, as it turns out, is the route Arnold now walks each day to get to his newly built woodworking shop and warehouse. Who knew?
I can also see them from here, at the wool shop which sits perched above the farm. They take me away from my work (in a good way). Maybe they'll be worked into a felted panel some day?

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Sunday, May 06, 2007


..... finally got around to washing and finishing some of the summer shawls that I've been weaving. As per usual once the intrigue of the project was satisfied the 1/2 hr of finishing work became monumental and dragged into days. Happy to see them hanging at last!

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I have to say that I have made no progress whatsoever regarding our lace KAL project (I chose Alpine Lace page 34-37).
...also knitting "Alpine Lace", Anne sais, "I had a wonderful time at the Victorian lace evening. I have started my project 3 times and may have to go for a 4th. I am having problems so I may bring it along this coming Wednesday and just horn in on the fun if you don't mind."
I look forward to seeing you Anne as I seem to be the Princess of false starts on this one. Together, maybe we can come to a conclusion ....
Cheers to Chantelle on PEI who is knitting along with us ;
"Hi Heidi, just thought I'd let you know that I started my project yesterday along with the rest of you. I decided to make the first project in the book (my first time doing lace) with a natural grey wool and little black glass beads. I did take a little creative licence and changed the edging a bit. I thought the picots were a little messy looking so I left them out. I'll send you a photo of my finished project. Happy Knitting."
...looking forward to posting pictures. How's everyone else doing?
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


...or is that back home and HandSpun?

...great to be back in this space and on my REPAIRED computer! Whew!

So, we had an excellent launch to the sock walkers group. I was able to graft these little gems just in time for the first night. I must say, this has been the first year ever that I have actually knit much myself. These were spun from Lolly's (one of my sheep, pictured on a summer "Tour de Fleece" post) fleece along with mohair. After having made several pairs of socks from this yarn I don't think want to wear any other sock - ever!

...but I digress.

This Wednesday night will be our first Victorian Lace KAL night.
...I have picked out my pattern with which I will be making linen curtains for our kitchen.
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