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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Our gallery is currently showing Then There Was a Star Danced , hooked rugs by Joan James .

At home in Riverport Nova Scotia, Joan James creates rugs with both commitment and abandon. Respectful of fine technique and intelligent in its humorous twist Joan's work is sure to evoke admiration and a mischievous smile.

Treat yourself to a viewing of this wonderful collection; London-Wul Fibre Arts, Lakeburn, NB Canada, August through September 2006.

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Here are some of the skeins ( mohair) out of the Rudebeckia pots that I was working on recently. Some have used Logwood as well as Rudebeckia. All have used Alum as a mordant.

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OK, for those of you who are visiting our shop - virtually, I thought I'd give you a little sense of being here. These are some of our favorite "mood setting" CD's playing in the background at any given time. Go ahead throw one on at home or in the car, we'll be thinking of you:

.....anything by Eva Cassidy, Etta James (particularly "Time after Time"), Buena Vista Social Club, Triplets of Bellville, Huun Huur Tu (Tuvan throat singing), Gypsy Kings ("Este Mundo"), Jane Moheit, Nora Jones, Van Morrison (particularly "Poetic Champions Compose"), The Cheftains ("The Long Black Veil) , Vivaldi ("The Four Seasons"), Yann Tiersen ("Amelie), Diana Krall, Muddy Waters, BB King (particularly, "Why I Sing The Blues"), Koko Taylor, Miles Davis, Arturo Sanoval
............. and Joe Grass. Joe is, or once was, a "local boy". If you're interested in something a little folk, a little blues, alot of super smooth vocals and guitar check Joe out at
www.joegrass.com . You'll definitely be glad you did.

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...Here is one of my little felted sheep on his way to the State of Texas. Bon Voyage little guy!
If you'd like to try one for yourself, I have prepared "Fabulous Felted Sheep Kits" with all of the materials and instructions included. ($32.00 CAD at info@thewoolworks.com) Happy felting!

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Friday, July 28, 2006


I knit these up using a Jacob/mohair blend as a trial pair of socks before spinning Lolly's fleece. As it turns out they seemed too heavy for most warm blooded sock wearer's but just right for me! (feel free to draw your own conclusions). So this is my new pair of handspun wool(from my own girls)/mo socks ready for those frosty days ahead. I'm almost looking forward to winter. They are sooo comfy. They spun at 11 wraps per inch. I decided to spin Lolly's fleece at about 13 wraps per inch for a lighter sock.... now have to tweak the stitch count to match.

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Well, I am starting to get some of the feeling back in the tip of my goat bitten finger and have completed the Tour de Fleece challenge just on deadline. Here is the aftermath. The fruits of Lolly's fleece, a pyramid of Lincoln x Romney x Shetland wool/mohair blend. The blend was prepared on a Pat Green Supercard (a beautiful machine) and spun on a Schacht (my new love). ..... and a great time was had by all.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006


We had a little incident in the barn yesterday. The tip of my finger is now precariously attatched and for a fleeting instant I thought that the "tour de Fleece" spinning challenge was over for me. Alas all is well and I am back on the wheel. Roughly 5 lbs into lolly's fleece (with yarn pictured behind injury), I'm almost there!

The story goes something like this:

Alison the goat had a little bloat......... :)

While holding Alison between my legs, placing a stick on her pallet to encourage her to chew and plunging a syringe full of oil and baking soda down her throat. The objective being to have Alison belch thus releasing gas (you can't make this stuff up folks). All limbs and digits engaged at this point I managed to (brilliantly) place my finger between her back teeth. Oh the blood!

After a brief scuffle to get past Finn (Border Collie keeping everyone in place, always a big help) and Angus (Newfoundland taking advantage of Border Collie's preoccupation and using the opportunity to bear-hug said Border Collie) I made it to the house, called hubby, wrapped, iced and nurtured the offended finger in order to maintaining spinning condition. On with the challenge!

Alison, by the way, is feeling fine.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006


What's Not happening ??
Well, I'm not getting enough sleep due to ritual late night summer mystery reading, but I digress...
Whew, how did mid July get here so fast?
Long time no post?... here's why:

The Dye Pots are on full tilt..... both natural and otherwise.
(Here are some of the Black-Eyed Susans that I had saved (frozen) from last years crop. They are in day #2 of simmering.)
We have a great new selection of London-Wul dyed Polwarth Top and wool locks.

Our newest Dye Garden is in bloom and we have added interpretive labels and dyed yarn samples for visitors to peruse.

Our Angora Fibre has gone off to the mill and will return as the fabulous London-Wul "Dream Come True" Angora/ Alpaca blend that we all know and love...... ahh feel the love.

We have implemented a new equipment rental program for those of you who are interested in trying out a spinning wheel, drum carder or rigid heddle loom.

I am almost finished carding/blending and 1/2 way through spinning Lolly's (7lb yikes!) fleece for "Le Tour de Fleece".

The studio is a buzz with custom orders (lots of dog hair spinning on cue !) and wearable art production!

We are booking fast for this Fall's continuation of our Trade Convention guest Program. If you should happen to have a convention up and coming in the greater Moncton region be sure to check out the entertaining (and educational) hands-on program that we offer to participant's guests. We had so much fun with this program last year that we have been planning excitedly to continue on with even more surprises!

Most of all we have been unbelievably fortunate to have had so many of the world's best visitors to London-Wul this year! A special thanks to all of those who have spent time with us this summer and a warm welcome to all who wish to come!

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Thursday, July 06, 2006


So I did indeed set myself a spinning
challenge in the spirit of
Le tour de Fleece 2006.
I had decided to card blend

and spin Lolly (see a picture
of her highness in previous
What I have underestimated is

the sheer "ampleness" of Lolly's
assets. Her lovely fleece, you see,
has weighed in (washed)
at 7lbs ... gulp.
I know, stop being such a

baby and get on with it right?
Well, here is how the challenge
is unfolding thus far:

(Lolly's fleece, carding along
with mohair, carded batts,
spinning on a Schacht Matchless)

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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Congratulations to Natalie of Cincinnati, Ohio!
You ARE a London-Wuller!

your London-Wul gift package including.....
*1Hand dyed, London-Wul merino/angora yarn *1 Hand dyed, London-Wul alpaca/angora yarn *1 Pair of hand turned London-Wul knitting needles *1 Hand dyed, custom blend wool/angora/silk/mohair and sparkle fibre pack *1 drop spindle, and *1 Lantern Moon, silk knit bag1 Lantern Moon, silk needle case.... is on it's way!

Stayed tuned everyone for our latest contest and new "I'm a London-Wuller" blog button.

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