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Friday, October 31, 2008


...Lots actually,
I have been super busy putting out Lap blanket kits, handspun "lopi style" yarn and (so exciting) our new line of hand dyed sock yarn.
It has taken me FOREVER to find a sock yarn that I wanted to dye "en mass", this because I'm you're basic sock yarn snob. Long story short I found my true love and have been dyeing it steadily since it's arrival. I would love to give you a look but apparently my camera needs a new memory stick because my recent pics have gone MIA.

....much more news to come as well I will leave you with this: THINK COLOUR KNITTING
from striped scarves to Estonian socks to fair isle sweaters, the choice is yours during our upcoming ** WiNtEr KnIt AlOnG** ...starts in January..YAY!
..lots of support, tips, tricks and video sessions on jacquard, stranding, two handed knitting and more!

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Monday, October 13, 2008


Is it October Yet? ........ so, I have been caught in a time warp for the past few weeks (a much loved studio space will do that to you). There is no way on earth that the days could be passing by so quickly. I am fully aware that the universe has been toying with my mind and when the joke's over please feel free to let me know what the date REALLY is.
In the meantime I will play along and "accept" the fact that the month of September has come and gone - but not without adventure.To start we have had a host of fun and interesting visitors. Here are Beth, Pauline, Jill, Gloria, Gillie, Grace, Joan and Harmony from Ontario (oh and I'm in there as well). With a special thanks to Jill for peeking in at my blog and bringing the girls for a visit. As I find so often in the rug hooking community this is a group of open and adventurous gals that you just want to pack yourself alongside in the van and take off to discover something new...alas I needed to stay home and get some work done but the girls carried on to one of Deanne Fitzpatrick's life changing workshops (for rug hookers and, I would argue, anyone else who would be interested in a new paradigm).

On the topic of rug hookers being all around great folks (and me being very behind in my postings) I want to send a big THANK YOU to Lauri who named London-Wul to her "BLOGGER AWARD" list. Lauri is indeed a rug hooker, an on-line community builder and (YAY!) a new spinner as well. Feel free to visit her blog at Threads of Miz.
This vote of encouragement actually came along several month ago at a time when I had just lost my dad and was more than a little in need of a pick-me-up. Thanks again Lauri. You remind us all what a great gift it is to simply say to someone "I like what you do".

Also in September, we hosted a wonderful dye workshop with instructor Joanna Close. Joanna taught colour theory, natural and commercial dye techniques. For more information on Joanna check out our listing of further workshops (right sidebar).

And of course, September had its share of animal adventures as well. Freddy the peacock decided to vacation for several dramatically stormy days as we nervously awaited his return.
He was finally sighted stalking through the pasture where I managed to coerce him into making his way home .... and blood pressure medication was thwarted once again.

We did, however, take time out for some rather more enjoyable animal interaction and some much needed relaxation. ahhh.... that's better.

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