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Friday, June 29, 2007


Wow! How quickly we forget the frantic pace of summer!

I have three large felting panels on the go - no where near finished. This summer's rug (my handsome yet cantankerous goose whisperer "Finn") is nearly finished - as you can see. Lots and lots of dye pots and handspun on the go. Woven pieces as well (I'm as surprised to be weaving as anyone else)! Sherri, Linda, Karen, Odette, Josette and myself have been busy hosting tour groups of all sorts. We have some fantastic new group programs available now and into the Fall season. For Ontario Hand Weavers and Knitters, I understand that London-Wul has been featured in the most recent issue of Fibre Focus Magazine. I haven't seen the article yet...looking forward to it.
Our Lace Knit-A-Long is proving to be lots of fun, many laughs most at my expense:) True, I have not yet finished a swatch on this project, it's not for lack of enthusiasm (more due to the fact that we are painting in the house right now, building a deck and fencing new pasture).

This weeks sock walkers group was much appreciated (or finally sitting down to knit that is)after our fearless leader (me) turned down the path less taken on the pre-knitting sock walk. We persevered through a lovely freshwater bog, didn't we Tanya? Hmm, once we got back from our adventurous trek we were greeted by a well rested, dry and cozy group of not so adventurous (read smarter) sock knitters.

A hat, mitt and "Heidi's Lumpy Warm Mittens Pattern" are now available free of charge with purchase of our Handspun Hand dyed wool slub.

Check out our London-Wul hand turned Shawl pins in exotic woods
London-Wul hand turned knitting needles now available in a larger range of sizes

Great selection of London-Wul Hand dyed Dorr swatches for Rug Hooking
Full stock of Majic Carpet dye kits and primary packs also Gaywool and Ashford dyes.
Premium Scottish Burlap and Canadian Maple hoops.

Addi Lace needles are in stock, super selection of new sock *new colors*, bamboo sock yarn and Fleece Artist sea wool sock kits.

Sari Ribbon and leather handles for your hand made bags are on their way in a great selection of colors. Too Cool!!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007


London-Wul Fibre Arts is pleased to host the fibre-based works of Moncton native Joanna Close. The exhibit features a series of panels that explore geography and landscape.

Close is an artist living in Ammon, New Brunswick. She defines her work in the context of fine art, using fabric and thread to illustrate her ideas.

She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Textiles in 2004 at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She earned her Master of Arts in Textile and Fibre Art in the United Kingdom in 2006.

Close's work has involved landscape images through hand-dyed and woven blankets and hangings. Most recently, her work has taken a more conceptual turn, still looking at landscapes and geography, but in a more critical way. Through this research, she defines her identity as a Canadian. Her work considers the proximity of the urban environment to the rural environment as a defining factor in Canadian culture, as well as the rural community's sense of intuition and literacy for the land.

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Friday, June 15, 2007


Hi All,
I have decided to pair up my two beginner spinning classes as so many students find drop spindling such a great introduction to spinning on the wheel. You may wish to register for just one class or bring a lunch and stay for both. With a full day of spinning instruction you'll leave having a solid foundation and the technical skills needed to build upon your spinning repertoire .... 3 dates to choose from:

Offered Sunday July 15/07 , Sunday August 12/07 and Sunday September 9/07
Learn to Drop Spindle

Create your own yarns using this ancient technique. Learn to understand how different fibres function, how to spin, ply and set your handspun skein of yarn. You’ll be spinning up a storm in no time!

$40 includes instruction as well as a drop spindle and fibre to take home.

Offered Sunday July 15/07, Sunday August 12/07 and Sunday September 9/07
Learn to Spin

Want to give a spinning wheel a whorl?
Take the opportunity to discover the world of hand spinning. Discover the magical properties of fibre, how they have been prepared and how to spin a yarn! – you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish in one afternoon!

$45.00 instruction fees, students will be registered upon payment.

equipment available or bring your own wheel

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Monday, June 11, 2007


Wheewh, I'm back. What a week! our Lace knit along was extremely productive -for some. I, on the other hand, provided a great deal of entertainment as I desperately tried to get through my swatch! That's right I have yet to make it through one full repeat of the Alpine Lace pattern. Oh well, I'm sure it will come together when the planets are lined up!
How are all of our "away" knitters doing?
The sheep were shorn this week and I have some beautiful fleece to work with. Yay! I just love when the girls are all fresh, cool and comfortable for the summer. For those of you who are in and around the shop this week I shall let you have your choice should you wish to purchase from our flock (in the grease). After that I'll "get 'ta washin' ":)
And, thanks to some encouragement from the gals at knit2together as well as to Karen (my orangizational guru) I have launched a new on-line venue!
For those who wish to purchase my hand crafted work with one click, you are now able to do so via our new ETSY shop, check it out HERE.
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