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Thursday, April 27, 2006


I'm really excited about our upcoming HAND HEALTH DAY in the shop. As EVERYONE (right?), one of my worst nightmares would be to lose the ability to spin, weave, hook and knit (obsessively). Veronique Gaudet (BScHK, RMT, Certified Reflexologist) will be here to see that never happens!

Here's the deal: BRING A TENNIS BALL to London-Wul AT 1:00 PM ON TUESDAY MAY 23rd and find out how to take care of yourself, prevent repetitive injury and prolong your crafting career. You will also learn about massage, what to expect during a massage therapy treatment, and tips on how to pick a therapist. IT'S FREE! SEE YOU THERE!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This exceptionally dry spring season has allowed Finn and I to get allot of extra training in (on the sheep herding front that is). It's absolutely wonderful when it all comes together. I must say we are really becoming a good team, though I think the poor dog is at his wits end most of the time, trying to show me the ropes! Ahh... to someday live up to a Border Collie's standards. One can only hope.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006


...some lovely Kid mohair on it's way with special thanks to Sylvie Verville of Angora Hill Farm who provided us with our happy little troupe of Angora goats this past fall (pictured here is Maple with sheep Baahby, Lolly and Pinky in the background) . Sylvie is a loving goat mom and a superb artisan. Her hand dyed colours are simply amazing.
Thank you Sylvie, the babies are doing great!

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Saturday, April 22, 2006


.... and by that I mean that the finishing of this piece will mark an epoch in my weaving history. Yes, this is one of those never ending projects for which I have made countless excuses as to why it is not quite finished (it is, or will be, a blanket by the way). True, I am having problems getting my tension back after having had to replace the brake band on my loom, however I'm not sure that this justifies the months that this warp has been sitting... waiting...
So wish me luck. My good friend (who is a magnificent weaver and knitter) has vowed to spin her first skein of yarn when this blanket is finished and ready to curl up in. Now that's some good incentive. This one's for you Dorine!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


More happy news. We are now able to supply you with exceptional spinning and weaving equipment by the SCHACHT SPINDLE COMPANY !

Such beautiful pieces of work, these are so much more than tools. I am always inspired by the beauty of fine woodworking and it seemed more than reasonable that I should add one of these beauties to my own collection as well as offering them for sale through our shop. After all one cannot have too much inspiration - no?

For myself I have chosen the single treadle "Matchless" with no less than 6 different speed whorls, extra bobbins and high speed bobbins as well. I feel spinningly invincible just thinking about it !

Schacht now joins our spinning and weaving product lines including Ashford, Kromski, Louet and Leclerc.

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Friday, April 14, 2006


I love this book!
...just started reading (and rereading) Deanne Fitzpatrick's new design book. It's gentle and encouraging and informative and exciting and .... so much more.
I have been faithfully working in my sketch book again - thank you Deanne.

I'm also enjoying Colour by Victoria Finlay which journeys through the origin and social history of art materials - very cool!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yesterday was like my birthday.
I bought a new fencer, solar powered so that we can complete the new pasture across from the wool shop. I spent the day with Arnold, shopping for "property stuff" like the fencer and flagging tape and gate hinges. I loved every minute of it. Being with Arnold (more so after these 10 years), planning and dreaming about the farm. I was born in Montreal. Having pastures to fence is big for me, very big.
After gathering supplies we bought a cake. A beautiful "summer cake". A flat tort heaped with fruit on top. and no, it's nowhere near my birthday.

All of my animals are close to home right now, just down our farm lane. When I first started out my wool shop was a small section of one of the buildings "down below". I loved it because I was so close to the rabbits and to the pastures. The new shop is much, much bigger, which is great but I do miss the animals.

This is a picture of the new pasture being fenced.
It's what you'll see from the doorstep of our shop.
I'll walk some of the goats and or sheep down each morning to graze here. They'll go back to our main barns at night since I need them closer to home in order to sleep tight. Our border collie Finn is delighted with the idea of moving them around daily!

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I do love a challenge and was delighted (and honoured) when the Atlantic Ballet approached me to design a shawl as a gift for Karen Kain. My only parameter was that the color be black.
Here is the result, a variation of cascade lace knit in 100% alpaca with an organza embellishment. I loved the way the alpaca draped when blocked and was happy with the end result.
....on to the next challenge!

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