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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Happy New Year!
Be Sure to celebrate with the ones you love.
(yes that is none other than our "Baahby" Isn't she remarkably beautiful??)

Note on Knit-A-Long: Hey Knit-A-Longers we're almost ready to roll! Be sure to check out The Crochet cast on that Sally writes about in "The Knit Stitch". Used to achieve the same border on cast on and cast off edges the Crochet cast on is where we'll begin.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006


....... picking, carding and next spinning a friend's Finn/Arcott lamb's fleece.
What joy to be back on the Equipment! Feels like Home.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


...Finished this set to be wrapped up for a certain baby's first Christmas! The yarn is handspun and the wee cap was knit using a Bev Galeskas pattern. .... Just a little more custom spun to prepare and then on to take care of my own holiday preparations .... What's the date today???

Custom Einstein Update: welcome to all who have recently joined in. We'll be watching those blogs indicated by member names (see right margin). Hope all of your swatching is going well. Or for those who are on my track, perhaps you have yet to even think about swatching!

Hint: You should note that throughout "The Knit Stitch" Sally indicates patterns that should be knit to gauge "GET GAUGE" vs "GET CLOSE". She makes the distinction between knitting to gauge as opposed to merely getting gauge on your swatch (and never achieving that gauge again during the project). Oh- to have only had to knit hubby's sweater once last Christmas - this year socks. Check out your Einstein pattern - you need to GET GAUGE!
...And if you don't have your pattern book yet CALL US!!

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Friday, December 15, 2006


Time to start swatching Einstein knitters! We are fortunate to have all of the experience of those who have Einsteined before us. I plan to add tips and tidbits to aid in the planning and execution of our collective project as we progress.
To start, here is a great link to an Einstein Q and A as addressed by non other than Sally herself:

Tip: knit up a good size swatch using your yarn and or yarn combinations - wash - block and then measure.

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Saturday, December 09, 2006


...had a beautiful lunch at the invitation of the Lieutenant Governor and Tourism NB. What a tremendous opportunity to enter
"Old Government House" in Fredericton NB - spectacular! I was incredibly fortunate, also, to dine with Mary Majka who was being honored, nationally, as Volunteer of the year. Now just in case you're not familiar with Mary:

"Mary Majka is synonymous with natural, cultural and heritage preservation in New Brunswick. Her ongoing volunteer involvement in conservation and heritage protection started when she immigrated from Poland in 1951 and spans half a century. Among other projects, she wrote a book about Fundy National Park, founded the Albert Country Heritage Trust, co-founded several stewardship-related organizations, was instrumental in the creation of the Machias Seal Island Bird Sanctuary and the Mary's Point Shorebird Reserve, and saved from demolition and restored several heritage sites that are now important tourism sites. Mary Majka has devoted her life to sharing her love and passion for Canada and the East Coast."

As you may or may not know, both Arnold and I have been involved in wildlife rehabilitation for many years. How pleasurable to spend an afternoon seated with this incredibly delightful, accomplished and passionate woman, as well as our distinguished hosts!

Aside from being treated like royalty on a very rare occasion away from London-Wul I (or should I say London-Wul) was presented with this beautiful award as selected by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. Whew, what a nice day.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well, Tis' the season! Busy, busy, busy.
The past 2 weeks have been filled with classes, gatherings, unpacking goodies coming in, packing up goodies going out, general "shop stuff" with a "Fine Arts and Crafts Salon" thrown in. This was a very nice show. I'll try to post some pics once I figure out how to down load from my new camera.

In the meantime here is an "old camera" pic of a London-Wul Shawl heading out (with the Atlantic Ballet) to be presented to the Belgium Consulate. I knit this piece using a variety of mohair, wool, silk, and a touch of novelty using a pattern written by, and with the permission of our very own Catherine Vardy. Thank you Catherine - very much a joint effort!

Einstein Update: More names added to the list! Lots of Lopi Coats up and coming, several mohair/wool/alpaca combinations, some in hand spun and some using the "Not So Warm " version of the pattern. Counting down to a Jan 7 start........

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