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Thursday, September 30, 2010


My summer spent raising an orphaned Starling has not gone without creative inspiration.
...just look at the magnificent patterning that has developed on Star Bird's chest. Like paint strokes on an iridescent blue/green canvas, this feather pattern will surely appear in my sketchbook
and maybe elsewhere.....?


..... As summer comes to a close we evaluate Star Bird's progress:

Appetite: A +
For a little orphan Star Bird has done all right. He (or she) eats copious amounts of soft bill diet as well as anything and everything that we happen to be eating.
My meal worm colony is coming along fabulously. I am proud to say that worm generation # 2 has developed and is growing nicely!

Activity: A+
Lets just say that I have been working with birds all my life and have never come across such an industrious individual. Star Bird plays with a myriad of toys, bells, mirrors, ropes, paper, grass, twigs and such. Bathing takes priority over all with 5 to 10 baths daily (who knew?).

Song: A+
Star bird can sing up a storm. He would easily give a top prized Canary a run!
He also mimics me quite nicely, chanting "birdy bird" whenever he sees me. (hmm, cheeky).

Survivability: F :(
Herein lies the catch. Star bird has no interest whatsoever in actually hunting down his own meals. Not Good.
He screams horribly and comes flying to mom (that would be me) when he sees a hawk - though this is only on the rare occasion that he actually notices them.
Fear of people: None , of course. Star bird was imprinted at the age of approximately 2 weeks.
That's just life, I did what I could do. What with his every 20 minute feeding schedule and holding down a job I just couldn't disguise my humanoid form in order to spare him the identity crisis.
Fear of dogs: None (same deal).For the record he also quite enjoys the presence of sheep.

End Result: Star Bird is not going anywhere in the near future.... It is what it is:)

Friday, September 24, 2010


I have been spinning (and dyeing) lots of Fall yarns, for rug hooking, weaving, knitting...........

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


...we just started a new discussion group on Rug Hooking Daily called "Talking Color"

Here are some of the various links that have cropped up:

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Meaning of color; New Age

Acid dye : definition

with acid dyes: Knitty.com

Immersion dyeing: Jacquard instructions

Tints and Shades: definition

Color blindness

Felissimo colored Pencils

Thursday, September 02, 2010


... a few years ago I ordered several bolts of Dorr Wool fabric to dye and cut for hooking.
I quite enjoyed dyeing the fabric. In fact I still enjoy it and dye fabric for others, however when hooking, I invariably reach for yarn.
I hook exclusively with yarn. Yarn of all description.

In the past, If I didn't see exactly what I needed in a commercial yarn I would spin and dye my own. I began to enjoy the feel and effect of my handspun yarns more so than other materials and, as it turns out, all of my work this summer has been based on handspun yarn.

Unexpectedly, this change has brought a completely different feel to the process of making a rug.
By the time I have drawn a design onto backing, spun the yarn to be hooked and dyed the colors that will be needed, the actual hooking becomes a very different, very decided, carefree and joyful experience. A surprise to me, and a good one at that!

... still have to bind the edges of this summer's rugs .... will post them soon.

Heidi's handspun:

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