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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Here it is: The Are you a London-Wuller Challenge!

The prize :
1 Hand dyed, London-Wul merino/angora yarn
1 Hand dyed, London-Wul alpaca/angora yarn
1 Pair of hand turned London-Wul knitting needles
1 Hand dyed, custom blend wool/angora/silk/mohair and sparkle fibre pack

1 drop spindle
1 Lantern Moon, silk knit bag
1 Lantern Moon, silk needle case
....... all this can be yours - WOW!

Those of you who ARE "London-Wullers" know that I LOVE a fibre challenge, exchange, swap, gathering, get together, knit-in, spin-in, weave- in hook-in......but I digress.

here's a web based challenge that everyone can take part in, with a really cool prize package as well! Call it a London-Wul meet and greet. You'll get to know more about us and we'll get to "meet" you.

How to play:

1. Simply answer the following "London-Wul" testing questions to be eligible for a most excellent prize (pictured here). All of the answers can be found within this blog and/or at www.thewoolworks.com

2. mail your response to
info@thewoolworks.com , with the name "London-Wul Fibre Arts" as the subject title. Those who have correctly answered the following 10 questions will be eligible for our draw this July 1st/06 - just in time for the holiday!
(remember to include your name and best e-mail contact for entry in the draw)


Q1. where in the heck is London-Wul Fibre Arts?

Q2. which of the following might you see while visiting London-Wul; a working studio, a handspinning museum, a supply shop, a gallery, a dye plant garden, an angora goat, all of these?

Q3. what Canadian Heritage feature does London-Wul house that is unique to North America?

Q4. name 3 species of fibre animals who live at London-Wul.

Q5. which London-Wul policy protects these animals ?

Q6. what is the name of London-Wul's Gallery where Atlantic Canadian fibre artists take centre stage in a series of month-long exhibits?

Q7. London-Wul Fibre Arts was named one of Canada's top 3 new businesses in 2005 with respect to what industry? (you can google this one ;)

Q8. Name one of the 4 spinning wheel manufacturers represented at London-Wul
(yes, there's 4, we have some new arrivals due this April - not yet listed!)

Q9. who is Angus?

Q10. what do you love most about London-Wul???

Good luck everyone!

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Friday, March 24, 2006


I have to admit that it is no great hardship creating new fibre blends and colour combinations for London-Wul. Dyeing, drying, carding, blending all of my favorite fibres is definitely one of life's perks. Time consuming yes, but a labour of love indeed.
Here is the latest "spinnable" to be added to the roster:
......... Polworth, Mohair and Angora oh my!
available at London-Wul $13 CAD/ 50g
( free 50g lace scarf pattern included with any London-Wul custom blend)

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


For those of our visitors who have been following the development of our public relations and studio manager, I am here to report that Angus has weighed in this week at 152 lbs.

Remember your knitting visits with him in those big wicker chairs?
...seems like it was yesterday doesn't it?

Now I do have to point out that he is presently shedding the most glorious puppy coat. What's that ? He has a fibre only a mother could love, maybe so but I am ever so happy to be his mom!

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Friday, March 17, 2006


Upon request, we have started to produce our Hand Turned knitting needles in small sizes.
This beautiful little bouquet is comprised of our newest needles sized down to 3.25mm.
London-Wul Needles size 3.25 to 5.5 mm can be purchased for $25.00 CAD and sizes 6 to 15mm at $30 CAD.
All are Hand turned in exotic and Hardwoods.
These have been very popular little treats, therefore, not all sizes are available at any given time but we will do our best to please!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


We have a new helper on the production line.
Osira started knitting today!

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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Much of my time in the studio is spent working on custom orders. Most seem to involve a special sentiment that I am honoured to be trusted with. This is a scarf that I have just completed using the hair of a much loved dog,
handspun along with alpaca and then
plied with a silk angora blend.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006


I thought you might enjoy a copy of this photo of you and your beautiful dog. It's been over a month since I visited your shop with the New Brunswick Land Surveyor's group, and I'm still knitting! I'm about halfway through the cardigan kit I bought. It's been years since I knit anything more complicated than a simple scarf, and your shop was an inspiration! I look forward to shopping there again when I'm in the area.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


...well I have finished my rug "Love on the Run".
OK not really, I still have to bind it and block it.
It is hooked with wool yarn, wool fabric and wool locks. (about 30"x 45").
I started this rug in preparation for a design class that I was about to take with
Deanne Fitzpatrick.

The rug was inspired by a wonderful group based out of Shediac New Brunswick; Les Hookeuses du bor' de 'lo and was exhibited as a work in progress in their show "as I was out walking".
The design shows my dear friend

"Farmer" who died one year ago at the age of 15.
I like to believe she still walks with me now.

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Friday, March 03, 2006


...love the Fleece Artist!
Over the past few weeks the shop has replenished Fleece Artist wool slub, felted bag kits, wrap kits, scarf Kits,
mohair boucle, angora, cashmere, silk/mohair and merino.
Noooo... it's not hard to stay on task, no temptation at all.

Ooooh and the new Hand Maiden Seasilk as well, yup there it is
seaweed and silk what a positively Maritime Combination.
...it FEELS even better than it looks....Is that possible?

Thank you Kathryn and Emily!

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We have a new friend in the studio. she is 17 years old and has just come to stay chez London-Wul this past month.

She goes by the name of Osira, is well mannered, very loving and has the appetite of a horse!
(I am seriously jealous of how much this girl can pack away and still maintain her flighty figure).

Osira does actually live in the studio space so that she is free to observe shop visitors while (amazingly) usually remaining undetected.

She seems to greatly enjoy our regular Tuesday afternoon spinning/knitting gang but is not so sure about the Wednesday night crew:)

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These are the fruits of my favorite spinning time.
..... kid locks, first hand dyed then spun in my favorite fashion.
Never mind the super smooth spinning, it's wild and curly for me!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006


"Weathering the Storm" ,
felted sketch, 100% wool (cropped photo)
Here is a recent felted work, a combination of wet and dry (needle) felting.

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London-Wul is also home to the Canadian Economusee of Hand Spinning. The word Economusee translates as a working museum featuring "Artisans at Work".

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..... welcome to the shop
Aka, home to my compulsion.

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Welcome to London-Wul Fibre Arts.
Here' a quick tour ....

First you must meet Baahby
(said baaaah bee, the way Fred Elliot says "baby", what? not a Corrie fan?, oh well). She is one of the many sheep goats, rabbits geese etc. that make up the London-Wul Farm crew.
she has beautiful fleece (horned Dorset x Shetland) is extremely sociable, photogenic, well rounded in character, has celebratory status within the provincial tour guides, "Rug Hooking Magazine" and elsewhere ...what more can I say. Just look at her!

..Oh, yes there is one more thing to say. All of the animls at London-Wul are here for life, no Kill, no sell, no hardship... ahh bliss! They need only to provide inspiration and laughter and it's a job well done.

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