London-Wul is a fibre farm in New Brunswick Canada where animals are neither destroyed nor sold without exception. Also a national award winning shop and studio, London-Wul is home to textile artist Heidi Wulfraat.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Coming up on the 15'th year of London-Wul's existence I decided that it was time to treat myself to a new addition. Very timely of Richard Ashford to create a special Edition production wheel this year!
I am so impressed with this wheel. It is a piece of equipment that I settled into immediately, which is not always the case.
It churns out fine yarns with an economy of effort, silent and graceful. Though I do not have a tendency towards ornate wheels I can't help but appreciate the beautiful balance of line on this substantially sized machine. The Elizabeth Limited Edition supports a massive 30" drive wheel, this being the key to her fantastic capacity to produce quickly and efficiently.
And, what the heck, she's incredibly beautiful as well :)

I'm very happy. Happy to still be in a business that I love after 15 years.

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