London-Wul is a fibre farm in New Brunswick Canada where animals are neither destroyed nor sold without exception. Also a national award winning shop and studio, London-Wul is home to textile artist Heidi Wulfraat.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Hi All,
I am just about to receive our regular Wednesday night stitch and bitch gang. For my part I shall begin to piece out some semblance of a plan for my Einstein tonight (so that I will not be shamefully unprepared for a Sunday afternoon start). We have a great group on board for the in shop knit-a-long. And for the cyber version of the festivities, here are some blogs to watch..... let the games begin.

BY TANYA : a blog, well, by Tanya, who visits London-Wul both via the world of blogging and in person.
WOOL IN MY SOUP : written by Peg, a summer visitor to London-Wul who resides, knits and blogs in Comox BC.
KNITTING WITH A POODLE: by Nadine, Hi Nadine! Who frequents the London-Wul blog along with her handsome companion. Have you decided what yarn your using yet? Something tells me your coat is going to be totally "designer".
KNITTING AUNTIE: written by Sharon out of Ashland Massachusetts. I love the premise of this blog, 'cause I'm a knitting Auntie too!
CANTLIVEWITHOUTKNIT : By Ilene who joins us from Brockton Massachusetts. Is Brockton near Ashland??

...and some more reports from "knitters away" Inga and Gwen have been consulting on the Einstein. Swatches have been made and ...they're off! Congrats to Gwen who is a new knitter!

Cathy, of the LW study group fame, is speaking of knitting the coat using handspun. She is the only member of the knit-a-long doing so (I think). Maybe Manon will be knitting with handspun also?? Anyone else?

....and Charlene in Portage la Prairie says " "The Knit Stitch" has become my bible. I've read it from cover to cover. On our yearly pilgrimage to the studio this summer, I'll be bringing the book with me. I think I know what sweater I want to knit next with those cool buttons you carry, see? haven't even started this project, and I'm on to another one already!!!!
Wish I could be there with you all on Sunday. I'll be sitting at home knitting, but it'll be my time (I'm 2 hours ahead of you), so I'll be knitting from 3-6 your time Sunday."

.... don't you just love a knitters enthusiasm?

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