London-Wul is a fibre farm in New Brunswick Canada where animals are neither destroyed nor sold without exception. Also a national award winning shop and studio, London-Wul is home to textile artist Heidi Wulfraat.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


.... and by that I mean that the finishing of this piece will mark an epoch in my weaving history. Yes, this is one of those never ending projects for which I have made countless excuses as to why it is not quite finished (it is, or will be, a blanket by the way). True, I am having problems getting my tension back after having had to replace the brake band on my loom, however I'm not sure that this justifies the months that this warp has been sitting... waiting...
So wish me luck. My good friend (who is a magnificent weaver and knitter) has vowed to spin her first skein of yarn when this blanket is finished and ready to curl up in. Now that's some good incentive. This one's for you Dorine!

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