London-Wul is a fibre farm in New Brunswick Canada where animals are neither destroyed nor sold without exception. Also a national award winning shop and studio, London-Wul is home to textile artist Heidi Wulfraat.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Here it is: The Are you a London-Wuller Challenge!

The prize :
1 Hand dyed, London-Wul merino/angora yarn
1 Hand dyed, London-Wul alpaca/angora yarn
1 Pair of hand turned London-Wul knitting needles
1 Hand dyed, custom blend wool/angora/silk/mohair and sparkle fibre pack

1 drop spindle
1 Lantern Moon, silk knit bag
1 Lantern Moon, silk needle case
....... all this can be yours - WOW!

Those of you who ARE "London-Wullers" know that I LOVE a fibre challenge, exchange, swap, gathering, get together, knit-in, spin-in, weave- in hook-in......but I digress.

here's a web based challenge that everyone can take part in, with a really cool prize package as well! Call it a London-Wul meet and greet. You'll get to know more about us and we'll get to "meet" you.

How to play:

1. Simply answer the following "London-Wul" testing questions to be eligible for a most excellent prize (pictured here). All of the answers can be found within this blog and/or at www.thewoolworks.com

2. mail your response to
info@thewoolworks.com , with the name "London-Wul Fibre Arts" as the subject title. Those who have correctly answered the following 10 questions will be eligible for our draw this July 1st/06 - just in time for the holiday!
(remember to include your name and best e-mail contact for entry in the draw)


Q1. where in the heck is London-Wul Fibre Arts?

Q2. which of the following might you see while visiting London-Wul; a working studio, a handspinning museum, a supply shop, a gallery, a dye plant garden, an angora goat, all of these?

Q3. what Canadian Heritage feature does London-Wul house that is unique to North America?

Q4. name 3 species of fibre animals who live at London-Wul.

Q5. which London-Wul policy protects these animals ?

Q6. what is the name of London-Wul's Gallery where Atlantic Canadian fibre artists take centre stage in a series of month-long exhibits?

Q7. London-Wul Fibre Arts was named one of Canada's top 3 new businesses in 2005 with respect to what industry? (you can google this one ;)

Q8. Name one of the 4 spinning wheel manufacturers represented at London-Wul
(yes, there's 4, we have some new arrivals due this April - not yet listed!)

Q9. who is Angus?

Q10. what do you love most about London-Wul???

Good luck everyone!

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