London-Wul is a fibre farm in New Brunswick Canada where animals are neither destroyed nor sold without exception. Also a national award winning shop and studio, London-Wul is home to textile artist Heidi Wulfraat.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Welcome to London-Wul Fibre Arts.
Here' a quick tour ....

First you must meet Baahby
(said baaaah bee, the way Fred Elliot says "baby", what? not a Corrie fan?, oh well). She is one of the many sheep goats, rabbits geese etc. that make up the London-Wul Farm crew.
she has beautiful fleece (horned Dorset x Shetland) is extremely sociable, photogenic, well rounded in character, has celebratory status within the provincial tour guides, "Rug Hooking Magazine" and elsewhere ...what more can I say. Just look at her!

..Oh, yes there is one more thing to say. All of the animls at London-Wul are here for life, no Kill, no sell, no hardship... ahh bliss! They need only to provide inspiration and laughter and it's a job well done.

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